Bill Thompson


Bill started his teaching career in the early 1980s, he worked in a number of primary and middle schools before primary headship (two schools 1995–98, 1998-2001) both of which reached good and outstanding Ofsted Inspection grades and then as a School Improvement Adviser for Birmingham LA (2001–2006) and Sandwell LA (2006-2013). During his time with Birmingham LA, he was part of their High Impact School Effectiveness Team which worked to ‘turn around’ some of the most vulnerable schools within the city.

This work also linked with the National Strategies at that time on the Improving Schools Programme (ISP). The impact of work was nationally recognised as outstanding and involved me in ‘taking over’ a number of schools for a period of time to lead and establish a new culture of leadership, higher expectations and strengthening the overall quality of teaching and learning. During his time with Birmingham Local Authority he was able to work with eminent figures in the world of educational research and development, such as Professor Paul Black and Dylan Wiliam. Their influences, further research and the practical application of many strategies in the classroom have led him to develop a body of formative assessment materials which he believes make a significant difference to the quality of teaching and learning within any school.

From April 2013 (after being the local Tipton Adviser since 2010) he was offered and subsequently took up the post of Learning Director for the Tipton Learning Trust on a part-time basis. He has worked closely with the Tipton schools during the past five years and has developed an in-depth bank of formative assessment resources, practical ideas, video exemplars and INSET materials which the Tipton Schools have used very effectively to significantly raise achievement levels. All twelve schools in this community are graded by Ofsted as good with six being outstanding. He has also completed Ofsted Training (under the previous 2014 Framework) and have carried out inspections, LA reviews, trained inspection teams as well completed ‘mock’ inspections for schools. At present, he has decided not to pursue Inspection work under the new 2015 Framework due to other work commitments being a priority as well as aiming to achieve a better work – life balance. He is also a member of The Association for Achievement & Improvement through Assessment (AAIA) which provides me with the latest updates and information with regard to this topic.

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